Online Registration 

For hygiene reasons we have temporarily suspended the use of our onsite registration kiosks, all drivers must pre-register online before arrival

Drivers 18+ must complete their own form, for drivers under 18 a parent or guardian must sign in the white box at the end of registration

Please follow our guide bellow if you are unsure how to complete the registration form


Step 1

Registration step1

 If you are a new driver please click “Create new account”

If you are a returning customer please click “Check in with an existing account” and enter your name and D.O.B to check in

Step 2

Registration step1

Please enter the drivers name and details into the fields below

All compulsory fields are denoted by the asterisk symbol (∗)

If you would like to receive updates, offers and race results please enter a valid email, this is optional

Once complete click submit to proceed to the next screen

Step 3

Registration step2

Drivers please read the Terms and Conditions

For Parents/Guardians of drivers 17 and under please also read the Terms and conditions

Once you are happy to proceed, tick the box “I have read and agree to the T&C’S” and the the “I Agree and sign” button below

Step 4

For drivers 18+ please sign in the white box using either the mouse cursor or your finger if using a touchscreen device

If you need to change your signature use the clear button to reset

Click “I Agree, Sign” to proceed


For drivers under 18 yrs, as the parent or guardant please sign in the top section

And drivers sign in the “Participant” section

Step 5

GDPR Consent page

If you would like your name to appear on online leader boards and the scoreboard on site tick the first box

If you entered a email in step two, tick the second box if you would like to receive email

Click Submit

Registration Complete!

Registration is now Complete! If you are registering more than one person click back to main menu to start again